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Top 5 Seasonal Movies

Spring Movies

Superman vs. Batman

1. Superman vs. Batman

Mini Plot Summary: Superman vs. Batman defeat General Zod.

Genres: action/adventure

Themes: good vs. evil, Triumph over Adversity, revenge

London has Fallen

2. London has Fallen

Mini Plot Summary: After the death of the British prime minister, the world's most powerful leaders gather in London to pay their respects

Themes: good vs. evil, triump over adversity,

Genres: action/adventure, superhero fiction



Mini Plot Summary:

Themes: triumph over adveristy, man/women vs. nature, battle/violence for violence sake

Genres: science-fiction, action/adventure



Mini Plot Summary: When alien game characters attack the earth its up to a group friends, Sam, William, and Ludow, etc.

Themes: good vs. evil, love above all things, triumph over adversity.

Genres: girls with guns, miltary fiction, action/adventure

Dead Pool

5. Dead Pool

Mini Plot Summary:

Themes: Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary.

Genres: comedy