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Puffer Pigs and more

What do you play as?
You play as a bot named R2-D2.

Droid Speed

What you do in the game?:
You collect puffer pigs, tantums, storm troopers, rebel pilots and to avoid mynocks.

How to Move?
Use your arrow keys to move.


How it Works?

The game is split into 4 different levels and each level has an objective. Due to techinical circumstances the levels will not be displayed. In every level you are requiered to collect certain and certain levels. After each level the map changes and there more characters to get and more characrters to avoid.

Level 1:

Map Set: Circle

Objective: Collect 5 puffer pigs.

Level 2:

Map Set: Horizontal

Objective: Collect 6 puffer pigs, avoid 2 mynocks, and collect 2 tantums.

Level 3:

Map Set: Grid

Objective: Collect 3 puffer pigs, 3 tantums, 2 mousedroids, and avoid 2 mynocks.

Level 4:

Map Set: Blank

Objective: Collect 4 puffer pigs, 1 mousedroid, , 3 rebel pilots, 3 tauntums, 3 rebel pilots, avoid 3 mynocks, and strom 3 storm troopers.

Click the "studio.code.org" box below to play.

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I wrote the code myself with Code.org