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How to Download Music From Spotify

Hi, guys I am putting up this post to teach you how to download music from Spotify

Do this at your own risk

Step 1:
Download and Install Spotydl

Step 2:
Create a playlist on Spotify

Step 3:
Add songs to your playlist

Step 4:
Uncheck "Dont try to download not popular enough songs"

Step 5:
Click on the circle with dots and copy "Spotify URL"

Step 6:
Make sure your mode is set to download, paste the "Spotify URL" and finally click "OK."

Step 7:
Click download

Step 8:
Go to finder, then "favorities", then "music", and then "iPod"

Step 9:
Drag the songs you just downloaded to the desktop

Step 10:
Drags the songs you just downloaded to iTunes and wait for it to download there.

Step 11:
Open the "Music App

Step 12:
Scroll and find the songs you downloaded

YouTube Video:

If you get stuck, here's a YouTube video